General Tuition and Fees

Private Lesson (40 minutes) .... ¥5,800 + tax
Any language. Any level.

Entry Fee .... ¥10,000 + tax
One time only. Non-refundable. Applies to all courses, regardless of length, unless otherwise noted.

Textbook and Materials .... Publisher's list price

General Policies

Course Schedule
Because our lessons are private, you may start a course at any time and choose your schedule after consulting with your teacher. Although most of our students study once a week, you may choose to study as often as you like, for as many hours as you like. We offer discounts for more intensive study. You may schedule your lessons between the hours of 9:00 and 21:00, Monday through Friday, and between the hours of 9:00 and 18:00 on Saturday, Sundays, and holidays. For lessons that fall outside those hours, add ¥1,000 per hour.

Rescheduling lessons
Lessons can be rescheduled with 24 hours advance notice by phone, fax, or email, subject to teacher and classroom availability.

Sample lessons
We will be happy to arrange a free sample lesson with a teacher at our classroom in Futakotamagawa so that you can experience our lessons firsthand. The teacher will also use this opportunity to evaluate your speaking level and learn about your specific language goals. Call, fax, or email our office, or fill out our Sample Lesson Request Form.

Observing lessons
Please contact our office if you would like to observe a lesson. Whenever possible, we will let you observe a lesson at an appropriate level in your target language.

Group lessons
All of our lessons are private lessons. However, with our special Friends and Family Discount, you can study together with one or more friends, family members, or coworkers and reduce the tuition that each person pays by 35% or more. It’s a great way to save money and enjoy studying together! Learn more >

Studying at your home or office
We can dispatch a qualified AIT instructor to conduct lessons at your home, office, or other location. In addition to tuition, you will be asked to pay the teacher’s transportation costs. A surcharge may be added in cases of excessive travel time. Learn more >

Payment for each course is required in full in advance. We accept cash payments or bank transfers. Credit cards are not accepted.

Quality guarantee
If you are not satisfied with your course and wish to stop after the second time, you may switch to another course or receive a refund. (See also Cancellations and refunds.)

Problems with your course or teacher
If you experience any problems, we suggest first speaking with your instructor. However, if you do not feel comfortable talking with your instructor, our bilingual staff can be consulted by phone or email, or by stopping by the main office during regular business hours. We want to provide the best possible lessons, so please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions at any time.

Cancellations and refunds
You may cancel a course contract without penalty within 8 days of signing it, except for lessons already taken or materials you wish to keep. After 8 days, a cancellation penalty of no more than ¥50,000 or 20% of the course contract (whichever is less) may be deducted from any unused prepaid tuition at the time of cancellation. Entry fees and the cost of materials are not refundable. If you need to stop during your course, you may transfer your remaining hours to another person.

Extended course breaks
Please inform us if you will be absent from your course for a long period. You may take any remaining lessons at a later date as long as you complete them within the contract period. If you tell us when your expected return date will be, we will do our best to reschedule your lessons with the same teacher.

Student visas
We're sorry, but because we do not offer full-time language courses, we can not arrange student visas.